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Pharmaceutical Calculations 14th Edition by Howard C. Ansel

Pharmaceutical Calculations 14th Edition by Howard C. Ansel is the most trusted resource for calculations support. Time-tested after thirteen editions, it is the most comprehensive and in-depth treatment of pharmacy calculations available.

The book takes a step-by-step approach to calculations, making it easy for students to work through the problems and gain greater understanding of the underlying concepts. Its focus is on the fundamental principles and basic techniques involved in the application of the calculations needed for successful pharmacy practice.

Each chapter follows an effective format for working through calculations. Didactic narrative provides critical chapter content. This text includes many of the progressive changes recommended by a review team of pharmacy educators. These changes, together with the substantial input by a number of contributors, have rendered this edition especially relevant to today’s basic practice requirements.

This handbook is intended to be used as a tool that can be quickly accessed and employed in the student setting, as a lab reference, and in the pharmacy practice. Designed as a concise reference and resource, it provides easily accessible definitions, pharmacy applications, insight on working with "tricky" calculations, and realistic/functional example calculations. With its convenient size and easy-to-navigate outline structure, this handbook should provide great value to both the student and pharmacist.

Designed for pharmacy students who have an understanding of the fundamentals of pharmaceutical calculations, the book is also a practical resource for pharmacy graduates preparing for licensure examinations and for practicing pharmacists. The handbook serves as a quick reference to pharmaceutical calculations that pharmacy students and pharmacy professionals need. The author's objectives are met through the inclusion of detailed pharmaceutical applications and examples.

The handbook is written for pharmacy students and pharmacy practitioners who are engaged in practice laboratories or in the internship, externship, and clerkship components of the professional curriculum. It would benefit pharmacy students and pharmacy professionals working in hospital environment. The author is a credible authority in all areas of the pharmaceutical calculations.

The book covers a wide array of topics, including basic pharmaceutical calculations, patient specific dosing, compounding and formulation calculations. It also covers patient parameters, parenteral and nutritional dosing. The author uses a uniform classification of information. Each topic begins with a brief introduction of the subject matter and the information is classified into specific sections that include definitions, expressions, discussion, key points, pharmacy applications, and example problems. The handbook follows the same classification method throughout.

This is a useful reference for pharmacy students and pharmacy professionals. The use of a uniform format for all topics provides quick access to pharmaceutical calculations. The handbook compares favorably to other pharmaceutical calculations books. Its uniformity and the coverage of 20 practical subjects makes it a valuable source of information.

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