Saturday, August 3, 2013

Dimensional Analysis for Meds 4th Edition, Anna M. Curren

Dimensional Analysis for Meds 4th Edition by Anna M. Curren describes the right path to accuracy and aptitude in medication calculations. You will find full-color drug labels and syringes throughout, tied to questions that test your understanding and mastery of drug dosages. Upon successful completion of the program outlined in this textbook, you will be confident in your skills as a safe and effective practitioner.

Anna Curren has been writing inspired clinical textbooks for more than 40 years. A nurse and former Associate Professor at California's Long Beach City College, she first wrote this text when the one she was using bore no resemblance to her students' clinical needs. Her graduate degree in instructional design, along with many student and instructor reviews, helped her create what is now the most adopted text on the subject.

A step-by-step program progresses from basic to complex concepts, offering concise explanations which keep you focused on need-to-know information. This book covers all the basics you need to know, including dosage labels, syringe calibrations, and metric, unit ,and mEq measures. Advanced calculations for intravenous, heparin, pediatric oral, and pediatric IV dosages are explained in a clear and thoughtful presentation.

Hundreds of examples, practice problems, and Summary Self-Test questions ensure your complete mastery of dosage calculations. Safe Medication Administration, highlights the newest regulations on medication abbreviations, the rights of medication administration, reducing dosage errors, and safe medication practices.

This book is a completely self-instructional learning tool created to simplify clinical calculations. Utilizing the method of dimensional analysis, the material is presented in a helpful format that encourages step-by-step learning. The book contains color illustrations.

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