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Pharmacology 4th Edition by George Brenner and Stevens

Pharmacology 4th Edition by George M. Brenner and Craig Stevens helps you master the "should-know" ideas on this topic and the way they apply to on a regular basis scientific drawback fixing and determination making. This concise but complete text clearly explains and illustrates challenging concepts and helps you retain the material - from course exams and the USMLE Step 1 proper by to medical practice.

There are rapidly reference essential info because of abundant tables throughout, and drug classification boxes at first of every chapter so you know the way pharmacology applies to practice with real-world case studies, prepare for exams with self-assessment questions on the finish of every chapter and understand advanced concepts visually with the aid of superb full-coloration illustrations.

You can access the complete contents on-line at, together with a further glossary, chapter-by-chapter summaries and case studies, a full record of featured medication, 150 USMLE-fashion questions, animations, and learn the latest pharmacologic mechanisms and purposes with new and up to date drug information throughout. This text also explains new "off label" makes use of, including important FDA regulations.

Although designed particularly for osteopathic and allopathic medical students, this book additionally would serve as an excellent text for pharmacy, nursing, and different allied health professions students who're required to take a basic pharmacology course. This book will operate as a useful text for each self-discipline-based mostly and integration-primarily based curricula.

It is organized similarly to most pharmacology textbooks, with sections devoted to principles of pharmacology; autonomic and neuromuscular pharmacology; cardiovascular, renal, and hematologic pharmacology; central nervous system pharmacology; pharmacology of respiratory and other techniques; endocrine pharmacology; and chemotherapy. Each chapter begins with a box offering a classification of the drugs discussed in the chapter.

The main target is on drug classes and prototypic agents, with properly constructed tables to delineate the distinction between drug congeners. The identical format is utilized in every chapter to focus on the vital concepts of mechanism of motion, physiological effects, pharmacokinetic properties, hostile results and interactions, and medical makes use of for every drug class. An ample variety of effectively-developed, shade illustrations are appropriately distributed throughout, markedly enhancing the utility of this book.

Each chapter has boxed clinical circumstances and a boxed summary of important factors on the finish of each chapter. Evaluate questions with answers and explanations end every chapter together with a few present, pertinent references. Purchasers of the book obtain a PIN quantity that provides entry to a web based version plus extra learning tools.

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