Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pharmacokinetics : Principles and Applications, Mehdi Boroujerdi

Pharmacokinetics : Principles and Applications by Mehdi Boroujerdi presents the mathematical concepts required to understand pharmacokinetics, together with applications making it realistic for pharmaceutical care. Included is detailed coverage of pharmacokinetic modeling, linear mammillary models, multiple dosing kinetics, population pharmaceutics, physiological modeling, and relevant software for pharmacokinetic research and education.

Making pharmacokinetics real for pharmaceutical care and sciences, this unique introduction explains the math and delivers it in a practical context that can help you in the scientific practice of pharmacy. It introduces the best way to start pharmacokinetics for real-life practice, ideal for students who want to understand the processes and factors that make drugs work and stop working. There is essential, well-illustrated information about what happens when drugs enter, interact with, and leave patients’ bodies.

Author also offers practical help with analysis of urinary biliary data with more than 250 illustrations . There are learning tools that make mastery easier, including a groundwork-laying chapter, an intro to physiological modeling, compartmental and noncompartmental analyses, and assignments with answers at the back of the book and extra credit problems based on the recent findings published in leading refereed journals for students who expect to be challenged.

This book is a very clear introduction to basic pharmacokinetics and the equations that describe traditional compartmental and non-compartmental models. I have used it as a reference for several years. There are no population approaches here; the book is more fundamental. It is entirely appropriate for early students of pharmaceutical sciences, just as the author stated in his preface, and as a reminder of the basics for more experienced pharmacokineticists or pharmacometricians.

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