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PharmCards: Review Cards for Medical Students 4th Edition

PharmCards: Review Cards for Medical Students 4th Edition by Eric C. Johannsen and Marc S. Sabatine conveys info needed for learning, retaining the pharmacology concepts and memorization. 5 new cards are added to comprise a section, Fundamentals of Pharmacology, plus 50 extra medications are covered.

Different revisions include renaming Facet Results to Adverse Effects, and inclusion of chemical buildings retained solely the place a transparent connection to the mechanism applies. The purpose is to present excessive yield information in a flash card format. Within the present edition, the medications are grouped by classes rather than alphabetically, a marked improvement. These cards have been standard with students for over 10 years however now find competitors from other flash cards which may be preferred by some students.

The flash cards are designed for medical college students who must find out about medication of their varied courses, however may serve as a helpful useful resource for anybody in the medical sciences who must study information on drugs. There are a number of cards in the beginning that tackle elementary ideas germane to understanding drug action. Then over 250 cards on particular drugs are organized in keeping with drug categories.

Each card comprises the generic title (trade title), class, and card number followed by sections coping with mechanism, resistance (when appropriate), scientific, negative effects, antidote (when acceptable), contraindications, metabolism (when acceptable), interactions, and notes. The again of the drug card lists associated medicine and includes properly chosen tables and figures to help make clear pathways and compare associated agents. Our college students find the excellent figures and tables to be probably the most helpful feature of these cards.

This text is nicely achieved and will be even more common amongst medical students than the previous editions. Nevertheless, the one criticism that I most ceaselessly get from medical students is that there is so much info on the cards, they lose confidence as they start to undergo them instantly prior to taking a test.

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