Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Modalities for Therapeutic Intervention 5th Edition

Modalities for Therapeutic Intervention 5th Edition by Susan L. Michlovitz, James W. Bellew and Thomas P. Nolan Jr offers current, concise, and evidence-primarily based approach to the choice, utility, and biophysical effects of therapeutic modalities in a case-based mostly format with a wealth of pictures and figures.

The book builds and expands on the strengths of earlier editions and their concentrate on increasing and strengthening scientific resolution-making expertise by means of a fingers-on, downside-solving approach. Entry-degree physical therapy college students are the target audience however experienced clinicians can use the book as a overview of key concepts and the physiological responses of the body to electrotherapeutic and mechanical modalities. The editors and accompanying chapter authors are all properly qualified.

The 14 chapters are divided into four major sections that cover the foundation for the use of modalities, technical aspects of therapeutic modalities, clinical applications of modalities for impairments and modality interventions, and medical conditions and emerging applications. The most unique aspect of the work results from the authors' abilities to integrate a blend of basic science with clinical application while covering each topic.

Each author has made excellent use of figures, photos, and diagrams to create a visually pleasing work. The artwork and layout help organize the material. In addition, the authors have used highlight boxes to emphasize key points of the chapters and have ended each section with clinical controversy boxes that allow the reader to reflect on timely clinical topics.

For such a broad range of topics, the book is brief, but this does not take away from the authors' message since the book is concisely written. However, some other books on modalities have accompanying lab manuals which help with adoption of the book for the classroom. This is a great resource for learning and understanding the role of modalities in patient care. Not only is the coverage of the basis of modalities appropriate, the authors effectively integrate clinical decision-making to make the information much more relevant to the scenarios of clinical practice.

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