Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Medications and Mother's Milk 2012 by Thomas Hale

Medications and Mother's Milk 2012: A Manual of Lactational Pharmacology 15th Edition by Thomas W. Hale offers full information on utilizing drugs in breastfeeding mothers. This huge new update has hundreds of new medicine, diseases, vaccines, and syndromes. It also incorporates quite a few new tables and adjustments to a whole lot of existing drugs.

Each drug entry consists of the drug identify and generic title; frequent trade names utilized in Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom; makes use of the drug; AAP suggestions on the drug; a drug monograph that describes what's presently recognized concerning the drug, its capacity to enter milk, the concentration in milk at set time intervals, and different parameters which are essential to a scientific guide; being pregnant risk category; lactation risk category; theoretic toddler dose; relative infant dose; adult concerns; pediatric issues; drug interactions; alternative medicine that may be suitable decisions; grownup dosage.

Also: a table that includes (when known) adult half life (T ½ ) of the medication, pediatric half life (PHL) of the medication, milk/plasma ratio (M/P), the time interval from administration of the drug until it reaches the highest level in the mother's plasma or peak time to max (Tmax), percentage of maternal protein binding (PB), oral bioavailability (Oral), the volume of distribution (Vd), the pH at which the drug is equally ionic and nonionic (pKa), and the molecular weight (MW) of the medication.

Written by world-renown clinical pharmacologist, Dr. Thomas Hale, this drug reference includes everything that is known about the transfer of various medications into human milk and the use of radiopharmaceuticals, chemotherapeutic agents, and vaccines in breastfeeding mothers. This new and expanded reference has data on more than 1,300 drugs, syndromes, vaccines, herbals, and many other substances.

The appendices are full of information on radioactive drugs and tests, over-the-counter drugs, and more than 200 new drugs, vaccines, herbals, and chemicals. There are major updates to many existing drugs and other substances. This text offers new data on close contact restrictions following radioisotope use with many new radiocontrast agents and updated tables on birth control medications.

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