Thursday, July 18, 2013

Applied Clinical Pharmacokinetics 2nd Edition, Larry Bauer

Applied Clinical Pharmacokinetics 2nd Edition by Larry Bauer teaches clinically relevant pharmacokinetic dosing and therapeutic drug monitoring tools. This second edition includes updated information on dosing immunosuppressants, as well as dosing concepts in pediatric and hemodialysis patients. The book is intended as an instructive tool in pharmacokinetics for healthcare practitioners who wish to learn these concepts and apply them in their clinical practice.

The book satisfies its objectives, outlining important pharmacokinetic concepts in an organized and easy to understand fashion. It is also written by a pharmacist with extensive experience in pharmacokinetics and includes clinically pertinent pearls for individual drugs. This second edition succeeds at providing updated information on pharmacokinetic concepts.

The book presents information in a manner that allows readers to teach themselves about pharmacokinetic dosing and to update their knowledge about clinically relevant concepts for the medications. These concepts are critical because medications are far too often dosed without individual patient characteristics (weight, age, concomitant medications) in mind. It is important to individualize dosing based on pharmacokinetic methods, to monitor levels, and to adjust subsequent dosing based on peaks, troughs, renal, and hepatic function.

The most current, hands-on book in the field, it gives you clear and useful coverage of drug dosing and drug monitoring that no other text can match. It offers the latest standardized techniques and approaches to patient-specific dosing plus new information on more recent pharmacokinetically monitored drugs.

Written by a nationally recognized authority in pharmacokinetics, this book provides essential information covered in pharmaceutics, pharmacokinetics, therapeutics, and clinical pharmacy courses. It can be also be used as a clinical refresher to brush up on key concepts and procedures.

The book can also be used by students who are learning pharmacokinetics and it would be an excellent text for teaching this course. Each chapter is well organized and includes basic as well as advanced pharmacokinetic information. However, the book truly succeeds in presenting this information in a way that is easy to comprehend.

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