Friday, July 19, 2013

Goldfrank's Toxicologic Emergencies 9th Edition

Goldfrank's Toxicologic Emergencies 9th Edition by Lewis Nelson, Neal Lewin, Mary Ann Howland and Robert Hoffman continues to be the source you can turn to first for any poisoning or overdose. The text provides clear information on every aspect of toxicologic emergencies, from pharmacology to clinical presentation to management.

Fully referenced and featuring a consistent organization, Goldfrank’s begins with an in-depth examination of general principles of medical toxicology. It then progresses to the biochemical principles and molecular basis of toxicology, and provides detailed insight into how xenobiotics affect vital signs, organs, and systems throughout the body.

Next, a wide spectrum of clinically important exposures -- including drugs, plants, metals, household products, occupational and environmental xenobiotics are covered within logical categories for easy access to information. Finally, the book concludes with sections on principles of practicing clinical toxicology in today’s challenging healthcare environment.

Full-color design and uniformly drawn figures clarify key concepts. Special Considerations focus on decision-making in unique toxicologic circumstances, influence clinical practice and have the potential to improve patient care. Antidotes in Depth, following pertinent chapters, place each antidote in its proper context to ensure immediate availability of essential information relevant for clinical use.

Authors have continued to increase the number of nationally and internationally known authors who have expertise in their respective areas by reassigning many of the chapters to these experts. The ninth edition expands on our progress in the eighth edition to use the electronic format. The book has been dramatically improved with the use of full-color graphics and a single art style that will expand and enhance the educational value of the imagery of each chapter and of the image section on the website.

The rewriting and reorganization of this edition of the text has again required an enormous personal effort by each author and the editors as it has in the past, which we hope will facilitate reading, learning, and better patient care. Work on the next edition of this text literally begins the day that the current edition is published because this is such a rapidly evolving field. Although "tearing down" and reconstructing the text between each edition is an extreme exercise, it prevents the editors from accepting and promulgating unfounded treatments and outdated concepts.

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