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Clinicians Pocket Drug Reference 2013

Clinicians Pocket Drug Reference 2013 4th edition, by Leonard Gomella, Steven Haist and Aimee Adams provides key, must-know facts about commonly used medications and natural and herbal drugs. The purpose is to provide essential information on the most commonly used drugs and herbals to healthcare professionals, although ones who are already familiar with these medications. A handy reference like this is always useful to clinicians. Although many electronic drug guides are available, this print reference will be well used by some clinicians.

Students, residents, and practitioners in medicine, pharmacy, and nursing will find this handy and useful. The editors are well known in their respective fields, and many of the contributors have been on the editorial board for many years. This handy reference covers most commonly used drugs and dosage forms and provides clinically significant facts and key data for brand-name drugs, generics, or over-the-counter medications.

It includes information on side effects, significant warnings, and contraindications. Drugs are listed in alphabetical order, with listing by classification in the beginning of the book for easy reference. A comprehensive index of both generic and brand names appears at the end of the book. Quick reference charts/tables on selected classes of drugs and treatment guidelines are presented.

Also included are highlighted black box warnings and quick reference tables/charts on select classes of drugs and treatment guidelines, which are expected to be useful to clinicians. Above all, this is easy to fit into a lab coat pocket. There are, however, areas that need adjustment. For example, immunization schedules and a comprehensive list of all drugs and dosage forms under each classification would be helpful.

This edition features 100 new drugs and new formulations and updates on other medications based on FDA actions. The editorial board has done an outstanding job of incorporating the most pertinent information recommended by expert clinicians in the field. This continues to be a valuable tool for healthcare professionals.

Common uses of medications rather than just the official FDA-label; indications are based on the uses of the medication supported by publications and community standards of care. Common side effects and significant warnings and contraindications are provided. Black Box Warnings help avoid critical administration errors. Over the counter medications that are commonly prescribed are included, a feature often missing from other drug references.

All entries are reviewed by the editorial board to include the essential information needed to safely prescribe these medications. Features common herbal medications with key uses, actions and drug interactions. Emergency cardiac care (ECC) guidelines are provided based on the latest recommendations from the American Heart Association.

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