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Drugs & Behavior 7th Edition by William A. McKim

Drugs and Behavior: An Introduction to Behavioral Pharmacology 7th Edition by William A. McKim describes descriptions of basic pharmacological concepts of drug administration and pharmacokinetics, research methodology including clinical trials, tolerance and withdrawal, drug conditioning, addiction processes, and the neuroscience of drug action. Each chapter applies these concepts to different classes of recreational and therapeutic drugs.

Each chapter also includes a section on the history of the drug class being described to place the drugs in their historical and social context. The text is written to be understandable to students without a background in pharmacology, neuroscience, or psychology. Upon completing this book, readers should be able to understand the behaviors of people who use drugs as medicine and for recreation, new trends and developments in pharmacology, identify the subjective, behavioral, and neurological differences between the use of both classes of drug.

This edition welcomes a new coauthor, Dr. Stephanie Hancock. Dr. Hancock is an experienced teacher and researcher, and she has brought fresh insights to the 7th edition, making it a completely new text. The visual program has been expanded and updated. Existing figures, diagrams, and tables have been updated, and new illustrations have been added, including scans of the brain from newer fluorescent histochemical techniques.

Chapter 4 (Neurophysiology, Neurotransmitters, and The Nervous System) includes expanded discussion of pharmacogenetics, figures of DNA, and proteins that form drug receptors, neurotransmitters, and transporters. The discussions of drug exceptions and neuroimaging have been shortened and simplified. The chapter on solvent sniffing was deleted, and the chapter on tranquilizers has been significantly shortened.

Discussion of the neuroscience behind each class of drugs has been expanded, since the most new research developments have taken place in this area. The chapters covering psychotherapeutic drugs have been expanded, and the descriptions of related disorders have been updated. The chapter on addictions has been updated to include the most recent theoretical and neurophysiological developments.

Coverage of newer drugs to which students are exposed has been added to this edition. The discussion of brain scan technology has been modified to be made simpler. Discussion about genetics and pharmacogenetics has been added.

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