Monday, August 5, 2013

Pharmacology: Connections to Nursing Practice 2e, Adams

Pharmacology: Connections to Nursing Practice 2nd Edition by Michael P. Adams and Carol Urban tightly links pharmacology to nursing practice and patient care, recognizing that for nurses, pharmacology is not an abstract academic discipline but rather a critical tool to prevent disease and promote healing and wellness.

It offers unsurpassed features designed to illuminate connections between pharmacology and practice, from patient scenarios and practice applications to coverage of lifespan considerations, patient education, alternative therapies, and gender/cultural influences. Nine additional units illuminate the actions of individual drugs on each body system and disease.

Learning is simplified through the use of prototype drugs, as well as outstanding full-color illustrations, complemented by 45 web-based animations. This edition covers 30+ new drugs, and offers updated information about dosages, indications, and adverse effects throughout, including Black Box Warnings. It helps students understand drugs in the context of their therapeutic use. Organized by body systems (units) and diseases (chapters), clearly connecting both pharmacology and pathophysiology to nursing care.

Author simplifies learning through the use of prototypes by including especially detailed coverage of the most representative medications in each classification, addressing 190 essential prototype drugs. This book provides fast access to crucial information about dosages, potential adverse effects, and safety. It includes easy-to-understand Drug Tables containing average dosages for most medications, as well as lists of the most common and most serious adverse effects for each drug or drug class.

This edition ensures that nurses understand their specific responsibilities in connection with the administration of each prototype drug and bulleted lists of Nursing Responsibilities, including important life span and diversity considerations and patient and family education needs. It provides intuitive visual review of body system anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology. Includes many vivid, colorful, and effective illustrations that promote deeper understanding of body systems and how drugs impact them.

This text helps students understand the mechanisms of action associated with many drugs. It features visually present the mechanism of action of over 20 prototype drugs; more than 45 Mechanism of Action animated tutorials on the accompanying Pearson Nursing Student Resources website illuminate drug action at the molecular, tissue, organ, and system levels.

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