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Focus on Nursing Pharmacology 6th Edition, Amy M. Karch

Focus on Nursing Pharmacology 6th Edition by Amy M. Karch organizes essential nursing pharmacology information into focused, simple-to-learn steps. Building key ideas upon each other, the text offers students a solid foundation of understanding. Straightforward to understand drug prototype bins are built-in throughout the book in addition to integrated content material summaries.

Amy Karch has discovered that college students study finest when ideas are constructed upon one another, rising from easy to complex, building on a basis of understanding. Every drug chapter has a standard figure displaying the most generally anticipated antagonistic effects for drug classes, to alert college students to antagonistic results to anticipate and include in patient teaching.

There are more figures depicting drug actions than any competing book with "Focus on Safe Medication Administration" for emphasis on patient safety and the prevention of errors. "Key Points" are placed several times throughout each chapter to summarize need-to-know content "Drugs in Focus" tables feature a NEW prototype drug icon to quickly locate the prototype drug for a particular drug class. This icon first appears in the drug list in the beginning of each drug chapter, and is repeated in Nursing Considerations sections and in Prototype Summary boxes for easy recognition of these important medications.

Critical Thinking Scenarios tie each chapter's content together by presenting clinical scenarios about a patient using a particular drug from the class being discussed. Check Your Understanding sections present NCLEX-style questions, including alternate format questions, to help the student prepare for the NCLEX. Other questions and activities are designed to help students test their knowledge of the information that has been learned in the chapter.

This text contains more images depicting drug actions than any of the book's competitors. It includes the popular and proven "Focus on" theme for drug use across the lifespan, cultural and gender considerations, evidence-based practice, patient teaching, herbal and alternative therapies and dosage calculation; including "Focus on Safe Medication Administration;" and a "Drugs in Focus" table for each classification of drugs. Focused content and focused features equal a focused student.

Drug discussions include therapeutic actions and indications, pharmacokinetics, contraindications and cautions and adverse effects. Detailed rationales are presented throughout. Each chapter opens with Learning Objectives and a Glossary of Key Terms, and ends with NCLEX-style questions, and contains a case study-based critical thinking exercise that sets up a situation, shows critical thinking, and then presents a discussion and case-based nursing care guide. Features like this make the book an essential teaching tool!

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