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Dosage Calculations 9th Edition by Gloria D. Pickar

Dosage Calculations 9th Edition by Gloria D. Pickar and Amy Pickar-Abernethy describes the three-step approach to basic and advanced Formula Method calculations that nursing and other health care professionals prefer, along with a reader-friendly writing style and handy "work text" format. In addition to easing readers into the math with a thorough review, the book uses a logic-based process to build confidence and limit anxiety.

Featuring full-color images of drug labels, critical thinking assessments, extensive clinical examples, and a host of interactive supplements, including an accompanying online tutorial, this text provides the skills needed to master dosage calculations in any clinical setting! The online tutorial includes practice questions corresponding to each chapter in the book, self-evaluation pre-tests and post-tests, a drop-down calculator (as used on the computerized NCLEX exam), interactive syringe activities, glossary, case study exercises, and medication administration videos.

Readers quickly adopt and build on Pickar's convenient three-step process for calculating dosages: 1) Convert, 2) Think, and 3) Calculate! Substantial coverage of Medication Error Prevention includes up-to-date regulations on medication abbreviations, new medication administration technologies, and safe medication practices. Only approved Joint Commission and I.S.M.P. abbreviations are used throughout to ensure safe and current use of standardized terminology.

Overviews of alternative dosage calculation methods include Dimensional Analysis and Ratio-Proportion, making this textbook a comprehensive resource for dosage calculations content. Color photos of actual medication labels and full-size syringes add realistic dimension to the readings, while practice software with tutorials, animations, and more than 1,000 extra practice problems help readers test their knowledge of the material.

The book describes two alternative formula methods and provides actual drug labels for use in the calculation process. It features real clinical dosage calculation patient situations to enhance the nurse's critical thinking skills and accuracy. Actual size photography of syringes and other equipment are featured to more clearly illustrate content. A CD-ROM interactive disc is also included.

This is an excellent workbook for healthcare personnel interested in improving their accuracy and proficiency in dosage calculation and medication administration. In addition to providing practice in drug calculation, the book includes practice problems in conversion of measurements, analysis of prescribed medication orders for safe dose range, selection of various methods of medication administration, and case studies and practice tests to enhance the reader's precision and critical thinking skills.

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