Monday, August 26, 2013

Calculating Dosages Safely: A Dimensional Analysis Approach, Horntvedt

Calculating Dosages Safely: A Dimensional Analysis Approach by Tracy Horntvedt reveals the best way to calculate easy and sophisticated medication on dosage issues with consistency and accuracy. Readers will know how one can cut back remedy errors with simple safety mechanisms. This reliable and constant method helps to ensure safe remedy administration practices.

Dimensional analysis, which can be utilized on just about each dosage calculation downside, eliminates the need to use different methods or perform prolonged, multi-step calculations. It’s a method of problem-fixing that organizes data in a way that is simple to understand and apply.

Students’ scores using the Dimensional Analysis method have been compared with the normal educating approach of formulation memorization; the results revealed that the Dimensional Analysis group scored with better accuracy and made fewer calculation errors than did the traditional math group. College students within the DA group excelled at changing items for oral, parenteral, intravenous, and physique weight-based mostly remedy calculations. Although this examine measured the ability to provide you with correct answers on a written examination with simulated scenarios, the outcomes are easily transferable to real patient situations.

The implications of this examine are important. The national agenda continues to deal with preventable treatment errors. In reality, a current commentary written by Zachary Meisel recognized ambulances as “one of the crucial dangerous locations for patients to be.” Meisel’s work cites numerous calculation errors by paramedics that have led to patient harm or loss of life within the pre-hospital arena.

As educators and professionals, we all know that it is important to guarantee that pre-hospital providers are able to carry out to established requirements, and people requirements embody secure remedy administration. As a method for dosage calculation, this text explains easier and extra dependable approach, an approach which hopefully will lead to fewer errors and higher patient outcomes than traditional methods.

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