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A Practical Guide to Contemporary Pharmacy Practice 3e

A Practical Guide to Contemporary Pharmacy Practice 3rd Edition by Judith E. Thompson goes by means of the steps of receiving the prescription, making ready it, and finishing the compound. The book offers a supply for up to date practice previously found unfold out over journal articles, legal documents, requirements of practice, specialty books, and textbooks.

Highlights of this edition embody a more complete part on sterile dosage kinds and their preparation; expanded dialogue of remedy errors; processing tools for bettering compounded preparations and decreasing errors; a brand new chapter on methods of measurement and basic pharmaceutical calculations; and a brand new part on veterinary pharmacy practice.

Affected person circumstances with the pattern compounded prescription orders and parenteral preparation medication orders present typical conditions and downside-solving to fulfill particular remedy and patient needs. A again-of-book CD-ROM contains research guides, interactive self-assessment, and multimedia demonstrations of compounding procedures for key chapters. A companion net site offers the CD content material in addition to full text on-line and a picture bank.

More added features are on back-of-book CD-ROM. There is creation of a separate and more comprehensive section (Part 6, "Sterile Dosage Forms and Their Preparation," composed of Chapters 32-35) on sterile dosage forms and their preparation, with emphasis on new standards and processes in USP Chapter <797> Pharmaceutical Compounding—Sterile Preparations.

This text offers expanded discussion of medication errors, together with prescribing and dispensing practices that have been shown to improve patient medication safety with inclusion of processing tools such as master control and compounding records, standard operating procedures, and quality control tests that are now standards of practice because they can improve our compounded preparations and reduce errors.

There is addition of a chapter (Chapter 7) containing instruction on proper use of metric (SI) symbols and units of measurement, temperature and density conversions, use of significant figures, and basic methods for pharmaceutical calculations. Patient cases with the sample compounded prescription orders and parenteral preparation medication orders show typical situations and problem-solving to meet special therapy and patient needs.

There is addition of a section (Part 7) on the important specialty area of veterinary pharmacy practice. Outline format makes it easy to find important information. The author frees the pharmacy employee from scouring through endless textbooks and journals by providing quick, up-to-date answers to the most frequently asked questions. This book is intended for use by practicing pharmacists and pharmacy students. The author has worked as a pharmacist in both the hospital and community settings. And, having spent the last thirteen years teaching courses in pharmacy practice, the author is able to offer a credible resource to consult.

The book is a portable reference divided into six major parts, and includes an excellent list of appendixes. The pages are standard size with break-away binding, and are three-hole punched for easy binder placement. A consistent organization is utilized in each section that includes USP, NABP, and ASHP reproduced definitions, uses, guidelines, and examples. This book features accurate information, quick and easy to find. It is sure to become a welcome addition to any pharmacy shelf.

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