Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Integrated Cardiopulmonary Pharmacology 3rd Edition, Colbert

Integrated Cardiopulmonary Pharmacology 3rd Edition, by Bruce J. Colbert and Barbara J. Mason is a truly introductory and interactive textbook. An interdisciplinary perspective of respiratory therapy, pharmacology integrated with physiology/pathology, and a unique self-study website combine to provide a total understanding of concepts. The complete coverage within this integrated package is appropriate for all courses in Cardiopulmonary Pharmacology.

A separate concise pocket drug companion guide is integrated with the textbook. This guide will give further details concerning drug actions, uses, and interactions, along with specific routes and pediatric and adult dosages. In addition, more detailed pharmacokinetics, contraindications, and side effects will given, along with additional pertinent information.

Removing some of this information that can easily be looked up from the textbook allows focus to be placed on "learning" pharmacologic principles and mechanisms of actions of specific drug classifications to facilitate optimal disease management. All drugs that are bolded and designated with Rx symbol are in the companion guide.

Further proof of the commitment to integration lies in a unique and interactive web site that fully supports the text. While the textbook can certainly stand on its own, the web site is a powerful adjunct that can greatly facilitate learning and keep both faculty and students up on the "latest and greatest" in pharmacology.

One of the difficult aspects of teaching pharmacology is that by the time a textbook is produced, there is a wealth of new information, some theories are challenged, and new drugs or types of therapies are beginning to emerge. We have developed a managed companion Web site in conjunction with the textbook that will add new information for each specific chapter on a semi annual basis.

Highly visual representations of complex concepts can be demonstrated and reinforced via animations. For example, protein binding is not only discussed in the text, but visual animations of protein binding and displacement can also be viewed to enhance learning. Clinical procedures, drug preparations, and delivery devices can be viewed on quality videos. For example, various oxygen therapy delivery techniques and devices are shown, along with proper monitoring techniques.

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